The Society

Established more than 70 years ago in 1942, the Minhajush Sharqia Education Society, has rendered pioneering and dedicated service to the backward section of society in the old city of Hyderabad by taking up the education of girls at a time when it was not a priority.

The founding fathers and successive members of the Governing Board have selflessly worked towards the goal of upliftment of the community through education of the girl child, with the conviction that this would lead to empowerment and development of the entire family and thus , vast sections of the hitherto deprived.

The present members of the Governing Board are:
1. Mrs .Mahpara Ali President
2. Mr .Zafar Javeed Vice President
3. Mr. Mohd Jafer Secretary
4. Mr. Masood Ahmed Khan Treasurer
5. Mrs. Sultana Nazeer Member
6. Mr. Rashid Qaiyum Member
7. Mr. Sarwar Ali Khan Member
8. Mr. Zainul Abedeen Member
9. Mr. Esa Yaseen Member
10. Miss Amina Batool Member
    The society currently runs the following institutions.
  • Princess Durru Shehvar Girls High School(Urdu Medium)
  • Model High School(English Medium)
  • Princess Durru Shehvar Junior College for Girls ( both Urdu and English Medium)
  • Princess Durru Shehvar Pre Primary School.
  • Princess Durru Shehvar College of Education for Women.

Our Mission

  • Creating a stronge foundation for our students through
  • Dissemination of Knowledge
  • Boarding of outlook
  • Creating of enquiring minds
  • Inculcation of the right values of integrity and honesty
  • Development of respect for each other
  • Underlining the importance of contribution to society and
  • Inculcation of healthy habits

Our Infrastructure

  • An open area of about two and half acres
  • Open well ventilated classrooms and discussion rooms
  • Fully equipped laboratories
  • Library
  • Sports room

Our Vision

Promoting the holistic Growth and Development of Girls through the Power of Education.